Five Tenants of Engineering Ethics

Do no harm Make things better Respect others Be fair and just in dealings with others Show kindness toward others — Dr. Bruce Weinstein

The Engineer’s Creed

As a Professional Engineer, I dedicate my professional knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare. I pledge: To give the utmost of performance; To participate in...

Diffuser Frustration

I have spent an inordinately long period of time resolving the intricacies in combustor diffuser. Considering the lower temperatures we are dealing with, pressure losses can be rather devastating. As...

Swirl Distribution in Low Hub/Tip Ratio Blades

The low pressure (LP) fan and high pressure (HP) compressor are designed in a similar manner. These both suffer from design problems that are exacerbated by low hub/tip (h/t) ratio...

HP Compressor and Turbine Update

The axial flow turbofan HP compressor and turbine were, and continue to be, a battle between size, efficiency, and power.  These two components affect the overall performance of the engine....

Turbofan Research – Combustor Design Challenges

I have been involved in a small footprint turbofan for a few years now. While the overall parameters of each engine section are understood, the intricacies of achieving each requirement...

AeroRND Code...

Behave Ethically. We believe in bringing sound design and new ideas together while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We do this through solid engineering principles, communication, and detailed attention to how things will be built and used. Let us help bring your ideas to life.

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