Our Mission: To develop elegant solutions to difficult problems by combining dedication, hard work, and state of the art technologies while creating an environment that is fun and engaging; building trusting relationships between company, customer, and employee; and focusing on long term value, not short term profit.

Aerospace Research and Development Group, LLC provides engineering, design, research, and development services of defense initiatives, aerospace, and other technologies including: semiconductor, medical, and consumer products. We succeed by utilizing state of the art tools and techniques while maintaining a consistent focus on project goals while building relationships with our clients.

Mechanical Engineering Services

We offer a broad range of design and engineering services (jurisdiction restrictions may apply), including focus on manufacturing processes and tools.

  • Mechanical Design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Analysis and simulation
  • Tooling, Fixtures, and Gages

Enterprise Level Engineering and Data Management

Having problems getting the return on investment of your latest capital expenditure?  AeroRND has a long history of active participation within the design software industry.  We can use our knowledge to help you implement CAD and Data Management best practices.  Or, if all you need is an unbiased recommendation of software tools, AeroRND can assess your business and recommend the right tool for the job.


In addition to assessing your design processes and recommending technology improvements, AeroRND can provide the requisite training and mentoring to get your team proficient sooner.  Having interacted with many of the best trainers in the industry, AeroRND has collected an assortment of training methodologies.  We focus less on the picks-and-clicks of the software and more on real-world examples relative to your company.

By focusing on active learning combined with projects from your company, students of our classes focus on the needed skills to get the job done and utilize self-discovery for the remaining bits of software.  Little time is wasted listening to boring lecture and staring at Powerpoint slides.  (Experience has shown that most companies, and the users within, use only a small portion of any CAD software.  Why overload students on all whiz-bang marketing features that they’ll never use and, by doing so, subtract from their ability to retain useful information?)

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